Notice of Privacy


Is responsible for the personal data it collects therefore it makes this PRIVACY NOTICE available to you, to inform you about the treatment it gives to them, in accordance with the provisions of the FEDERAL DATA PROTECTION LAW PERSONAL IN POSSESSION OF INDIVIDUALS, and likewise we provide you with the following information so that you can contact us for the purposes concerning this notice:

Ríos Ag Consulting
Av. Vicente Guerrero 47 – 108 Col. Centro Cuernavaca, Mor. CP 62000

Privacy Policy

We make the utmost importance to the confidentiality and due protection of the personal information entrusted to you. By our Code of Ethics, we are committed to handling your personal data in a responsible manner and in accordance with the provisions of the Transparency Guidelines, Access to Information, Files and Protection of Personal Data and other applicable regulations.

For Ríos Ag Consulting it is necessary to collect certain personal data to carry out its activities; Likewise, it has the legal and social obligation to comply with the legal and security measures sufficient to protect the personal data that it has collected for the purposes that will be described in this Privacy Notice.

What do we use your personal data for?
This company collects and uses your personal data for the following purposes: As a client or user of our services:
• To integrate your file and prepare the corresponding commercial contracts.
• Provide advice on everything related to a consulting, administration and maintenance project.
• Provide a service in everything related to a consulting, administration and maintenance project.

As a provider of goods and services:
• Verify the information you provide us and integrate your file into our list of suppliers.
• Prepare the corresponding commercial contracts.
• Check your bank details in the file and be able to make payments via electronic transfer.
• Provide the corresponding authorities with the information that you request in compliance with tax provisions.

What will we use your collected data for?
To provide the services and products requested; comply with the obligations derived from contractual relationships; notify about changes in the services or products contracted; and carry out periodic evaluations of our products and services to improve their quality. In addition, to notify about new services or products that are related to those already contracted or acquired; to know the market of services and to elaborate studies and programs that are necessary to determine the needs and habits in the provision of services.

How do you get my authorization?
If you have read this document and have not prohibited us in any way from collecting or using all or part of your information, it is understood that you have tacitly authorized us to do so under the terms of this privacy notice. In case of having collected sensitive personal data, your authorization must be express and in writing, in this case the tacit authorization will not be presumed.

You can deny your authorization for us to use your data for one or more of the purposes that have been listed in the previous point, which you must let us know by email at the address that has been indicated.

Can I request that they stop sending advertising or that they stop using my data?
You may limit your authorization in writing sent by email to the person in charge, or verbally to the person who collects the data. The simplest and most efficient way to express your refusal to the privacy notice will in any case be by not providing your personal data.

Who do we give your data to?
Your data will not be transmitted to third parties without your authorization, except in the case of an exception provided for in article 37 of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, as it may be in case the transfer is necessary by under a contract entered into or to be entered into in your interest, or when it is required for the maintenance or fulfillment of a legal relationship between you and us.

What do I do if I want them to stop using my data or make corrections?
You have the right to access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition (ARCO rights) of the personal data that we have collected from you, which means that you can request the correction of any incorrect or outdated data, cancel or disable your personal data, or oppose to your use.
For this, it will be enough for you to request it in writing and let us know: a) your name and address or other means to communicate the response to your request; b) the clear and precise description of the personal data to which it refers; and c) any other element or document that facilitates the location of personal data; In addition, you must include a copy of your identification and, where appropriate, the legal representation that you have of the owner of the data. The document must be signed, and be presented at our address, or be sent by email to the person in charge, you will have a response within 20 business days.

How can I consult this notice?
The privacy notice will be available and updated at all times on our website.

Can this notice be modified?
The privacy notice may be modified by the person in charge at any time, but in the event of substantial modifications you will be notified by the means you have provided us, either through a publication on our website, or through compensatory measures in the terms of the law.

Responsible for the information: Víctor Manuel Ríos Figueroa

September, 2021